What are the Best Ways to Prevent Hair Fall?

What are the Best Ways to Prevent Hair Fall?

Best Ways to stop Hair Loss for Male & Female

At the outset, it is important to know that hair fall is a global phenomenon. It means that hair loss is a common problem that affects millions of people all across the world. Are you losing strands of hair every day? Worry not. There is a wide range of remedies, lifestyle tips and best ways to prevent hair fall. However, if all these methods do not provide you relief, the best option is to visit a dermatologist. If you are a resident of Powai or surrounding places, consult Dr. Pallavi Sule. She is one of the most trusted hair fall specialist doctors in Powai, Mumbai. Contact today for the best hair fall treatment solutions.

Before jumping into finding the answer to the all-important question of how to stop hair loss, you must know a few things about hair loss. This includes what is hair loss, causes of excess hair fall and hair loss problems in males and females. Read on to find out all the relevant information about hair fall.

What is Hair Loss?

Did you know that every strand of hair on your head has a lifespan of a few years? Also, hair follicles undergo a cycle of four phases. It includes the hair growth phase, transitional phase, resting phase and shedding phase. Thus, in a healthy individual, shedding 50 to 60 strands of hair is not something to worry about. The old hair is replaced with new hair now and then. However, when this cycle is disturbed due to a wide range of reasons, the hair fall problem occurs.

Hair Loss Causes

Some of the most common causes that lead to hair loss are listed below:
  • Stress
  • Poor Diet & Lack of nutrition
  • Genetics
  • Certain Medicines
  • Medical conditions
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Ageing
  • Smoking

Although hair loss problems can affect men, women and children at any age, men are more prone to suffer from this condition. Now find out how to prevent hair fall for females and males.

Best Tips to Stop Hair Fall

Some of the factors causing hair loss as discussed are beyond your control, while others can be avoided with better lifestyle choices. Here are the best tips to stop hair fall.

Good Diet 

Both men and women experience male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness due to poor diet and lack of proper nutrition. Different studies suggest that a diet containing necessary nutrition can help you to stop hair fall. Food containing protein can help as hair follicles are made of protein known as keratin. You should consume foods like eggs, beans, peas, nuts and low-fat dairy products for best benefits.

Besides protein, Vitamin A is one of the essential nutrients for boosting hair growth, healthy scalp and hair retention. Food rich in Vitamin A includes spinach and sweet potato.

Hair Care

Hair fall can sometimes resolve on its own with a focused hair care routine. Therefore, you should make sure to wash your hair regularly which helps in keeping your hair and scalp clean. Mild shampoos are helpful depending on the hair type. Always seek the help of experts in case you are not sure.

Oil massage nourishes by increasing blood circulation in the roots of the hair. Therefore, oiling your hair and scalp frequently without break can help. Some good hair care oils include coconut oil, onion oil, olive oil and essential oils like lavender and rosemary.

It is also necessary to take care of your hair by avoiding harsh chemicals for styling if you have a hair fall problem. Sometimes, devices like hair rollers, heat stylers and straightening irons can put too much stress and strain on hair strands, causing them to break and fall. Instead, you can go for natural solutions for hair styling.

Medical Treatment

When a good diet and hair care does not solve the hair fall issue, seek medical treatment. Laser therapy is a good option that can improve hair density. Laser hair loss treatment clinic in Powai, Mumbai and provide laser therapy which is aimed at stimulating epidermal stem cells. Besides, when you meet a dermatologist, different medications such as minoxidil, finasteride and others are often advised. However, it is important to note that you must first consult with a doctor before taking any medication for hair fall problems.

Hair Loss Treatment Doctor in Powai, Mumbai

If you are experiencing a hair loss problem and you live in Powai, get urgent medical attention. Consult Dr. Pallavi Sule, who is one of the highly qualified, experienced and trusted dermatologists in Powai, Mumbai. She also provides an extensive range of treatment solutions for skin and hair problems. Get the best laser hair loss treatment in Powai today. For more details, contact us today! 

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