Wrinkles Under The Eyes

Wrinkles Under The Eyes

The eyes are the first thing noticed in an individual, and it is often considered the most attractive facial feature as well. Moreover, every person has unique eyes and eye colours which separate them from the rest. However, wrinkles, dark circles, swelling and fine lines under your eyes can take the shine out of your face.

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What Causes Wrinkles Under The Eyes?

Skin under your eyes is the thinnest in the body which makes it very sensitive to internal as well as external changes. Some of the most common causes of under-eye wrinkles include:

  • Hereditary factors
  • Age
  • Sun exposure
  • Bad lifestyle

Bad Lifestyle Habits That Cause Wrinkles Under Your Eyes

Bad lifestyle habits have been found as one of the major reasons responsible for wrinkles under your eyes. Many of them can be involuntary and may seem harmless. You might not be even aware of the repetitive actions that cause wrinkles. Thus changing lifestyle habits should be your priority as it will help in preventing wrinkles under your eyes. Read on to find out.

Poor Food Choices

In the fast-paced 21st century lifestyle, people often resort to eating junk food. The poor food choices generally have too much sugar, refined flour and processed items, which causes inflammation and ultimately wrinkles.

Instead, you should make a conscious effort to consume healthy foods rich in Vitamins like A, B and E. Plus, food with iron and omega 3 fatty acids are also helpful in preventing wrinkles.

Alcohol Consumption

You may wonder how alcohol consumption can be related to wrinkles under your eyes. But experts believe that too much alcohol is one of the top reasons that people have under eye wrinkles. This is due to the dehydrating effect and presence of high sugar content in the alcohol that damages the skin and causes wrinkles.

You can reduce alcohol consumption or drink more water to prevent dehydration. Eventually, it will help in preventing wrinkles.


Smoking is injurious not only to your overall health but skin as well. Often referred to as free radical damage, it affects the collagen and elastin components of the skin. Moreover, nicotine impacts blood flow, oxygen flow and prevents essential nutrients from reaching the skin.

Screen Time

Life is today incomplete without smartphones, smart TVs, laptops and tablets. Overuse of these devices and long screen time can cause sudden wrinkles to form under the eyes. Taking short breaks while working on laptops and being away from the screen can help. Squinting is also a cause of wrinkle formation which should be avoided.

Lack of Sleep

It is perhaps a cliché, but people often need to be reminded that good sleep is essential for good health. And it goes for good eyes too. Insomnia, without a doubt, is one of the biggest causes of wrinkles under the eyes. Thus, do not compromise on your sleep.

Sleeping on face

This might come as a surprise but sleeping on your face is a possible cause of wrinkles under the eyes. When you sleep on your stomach, part of your face is squeezed, putting unnecessary pressure on the skin and eyes, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. Sleeping on your back is recommended.


Lack of a proper skincare routine can cause wrinkles. This includes not cleaning your face before sleeping, too much rubbing of your eyes and not using appropriate cream can damage the skin under the eyes. You can always consult the best skin doctors for advice on creams and other solutions.

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