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Do you have dark spots or discoloration? Are you facing skin issues, as discussed above? If you are a resident of Powai, you must urgently seek a doctor in Powai for skin pigmentation treatment. Now you can receive the best skin pigmentation treatment in Mumbai from leading dermatologist and skin specialist Dr. Pallavi Sule.

Skin pigmentation can be defined as a dermatological condition in which dark spots, discoloration or change in skin tone occurs on the face or small areas of the body such as the nose, cheeks, and forehead. The skin consists of a cell type known as melanocytes, and it produces a pigment called melanin. Thus, pigmentation or the colour of the skin of a person depends on melanin. An increase in the production of melanin may result in hyperpigmentation, causing dark skin. Various factors can cause skin pigmentation, like too much exposure to sunlight, diseases, hormonal imbalance, or medicines. At the same time, hypopigmentation is caused due to low production of melanin.


In simple terms, hyperpigmentation means the skin that turns darker. It can affect the complete body, may appear in small patches or cover certain large sections of the body. One thing to note is that hyperpigmentation is not a life-threatening or harmful health condition. However, people suffering from hyperpigmentation may have mental as well as emotional stress. You can consult Dr. Pallavi Sule, one of the leading doctors in Powai for skin pigmentation treatment, for the best medical approach towards physical and emotional healing and well-being from this condition.

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Hyperpigmentation Types

There are majorly three types of hyperpigmentation that affect people worldwide namely; Melasma, Sunspots and Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Melasma – Experts worldwide believe that Melasma is a skin condition that is caused due to the hormonal changes that happen in the body. This is the reason why pregnant women often suffer from Melasma. However, men can also develop Melasma. Although this hyperpigmentation type can occur at any part of the body, it most commonly appears on the face and the stomach. Also, note that exposure to sunlight can further deteriorate the skin condition.

Sunspots – Sunspots, as the name indicates, are spots on the skin that goes dark due to excess exposure to the sun. It is a common condition that may occur in your face or hands or any other body part exposed to the sun.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – This is nothing but hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin due to injury or inflammation of the skin. One of the examples can be acne.

If you think you have any of the hyperpigmentation skin issues, do not treat the condition by yourself. Instead, get skin pigmentation treatment in Mumbai from an expert dermatologist with an ample amount of experience only.

Hypopigmentation Types

Different types of hypopigmentation include conditions such as Vitiligo and Albinism. The white patch that develops on the skin is known as Vitiligo. It can appear anywhere or on the entire body. Albinism is caused due to the lack or absence of an enzyme that produces melanin in the body. However, it is a rare condition.

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There are several people offering skin pigmentation treatment in Powai, Mumbai. However, you need to choose only the best, experienced, and trusted doctor. Various treatment options such as Medical line of therapy, Chemical peels, Laser toning, and Microdermabrasion are available at the dermatology clinic run by Dr. Pallavi Sule, which has helped a countless number of patients to live with beautiful skin.

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