Botox known as Botulinum toxin A is widely used for non-surgical cosmetic / aesthetic procedures worldwide.
This toxin is primarily is a protein that is used to reduce the neurotransmission of substances at the neuromuscular junction. By achieving this one can reduce specific muscle activity.
Botox cosmetically will help is smoothing the frown lines, crows feet, and forehead lines. Thus helps one to mask the sad/tired/unhappy or angry look.
Botulinum toxin, when injected in the underarms area, reduces excessive sweating. This can also be used for the hyperhidrosis of the palms and soles.
Typically, botox injection is a lunchtime procedure and takes hardly 20-30 minutes. Small injections are given in the desired areas.
The result will be seen after 10-14days.
This will last for 4-6 months. This depends on muscle activity.

filler treatment for face

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin to restore the lost volume, smooth lines and also soften creases, or enhance facial contours. This is a very popular aesthetic treatment for facial rejuvenation. It is quite a cost-effective way to look younger without surgeries or downtime. 

Dermal fillers are made up of Hyaluronic acid (HA). It is a naturally occurring substance in the body, highest concentrations in the joints, eyes, and skin. The property of skin hyaluronic acid is that it attracts water, which allows the skin to appear more hydrated. As we age, the muscle, fat, bone, and skin begins to thin. This leads to loss of volume and hence the formation of sunken and sagging of the face, appearance of lines and wrinkles, folds & thinning of lips.  

 Dermal fillers can help address:

  • Smooth out lines around nose and mouth (a.k.a. marionette lines, smile lines, and parentheses)
  • Enhance & restore volume to sunken cheeks or temples
  • Diminish vertical lip lines
  • Plump & enhance the lips
  • Smooth out a chin crease
  • Improve symmetry among facial features

The results of dermal filler injections are immediate. Depending upon the type of dermal filler used, it helps us to know the hydration and volumizing effect. Hence a touch up is recommended after 15-20 days . it will also determine the longevity of the filler. Usually, filler lasts from 12-24 months.

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The thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure, done to tighten the sagging skin. These threads have cones, which are systematically aligned to give skin a better anchorage. Thread rejuvenation can be done for the face- brow lift, cheek lift, jawline tightening, and necklines. Unlike the surgical facelift which involves deep tissue manipulation, thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure.

On a pre anesthetized skin (local anesthesia), a thread with multiple barbs/ cogs is passed under the skin in the direction of the vectors which will give the maximum anchorage. 

Post-procedure one can observe swelling, mild discomfort, or pain, bruising. This settles in 7-10 days. 

Results last for about 12-18 months.

Vampire Face Lift or medically known as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP), is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. This involves injecting plasma into the skin. Platelet Rich Plasma is a new approach in regenerative medicine. 

Vampire facelift involves injecting a serum rich in various bioactive substances.  The process involves drawing the patient’s own blood, which is centrifuged. Post centrifuge the whole blood separates into its components and the one which we use is the plasma. This is rich in growth factors and healing factors, which are either injected or sprayed over the skin prepared with micro-needling/ derma roller. Where the plasma will seep inside the skin. 

This procedure typically takes 2 – 2.5 hours. 


Microneedling or collagen induction therapy has gained popularity as with every session of this treatment, the skin becomes clearer and brighter. Deeper, within the layers of the skin it induces collagen production and remodeling which will help in tightening of skin so tones the skin (anti-aging benefit) and the generation of new collagen will make it look firmer and smoother.

Microneedling can be done to treat acne scars, stretch marks, face tightening, wrinkles, and large pores(open pores).

Microneeding is a safe procedure for all skin types and a low risk one. It is done with a handheld tool – a derma roller, a roller with multiple pins. The total procedure time is 1-1.5hrs. This includes the application of an anesthetics local cream to numb the area to be treated. This is then cleansed and the derma roller is moved over the skin. an antibiotic cream is applied and topped with a layer of sunscreen.


  • persistent pain 
  • redness 
  • itching/peeling 
  • bruising or any pus-filled boils(infection) coming up on the treated area. 

Micro-needling is to be done by a certified Dermatologist, to avoid serious complications.

HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound.

HIFU can be considered a non-surgical treatment for facial contouring (including Face lines, wrinkled brow, jowl & neck regions). The dynamics of the treatment are that HIFU uses the body’s own regenerative response, encourages the production of new collagen & results in a tighter, firmer & youthful skin. 

During the treatment, there will be slight pain which will subside within 20-30 mins post-procedure.

Redness, swelling, and slight discomfort are the most common side effects, which are temporary and reduce within a few hours.

The most commonly asked question is whether it is a single treatment/ multiple treatment?

The treatment plan is decided by the dermatologist after understanding the requirements of the patient. Hence treatment sessions and the interval between two sessions depending on patient requirements.


Depending on the energy involves & the protocol some results like tightening are seen immediately & the long term efforts start appearing from 2/3 weeks hence & continue improving over time.

Any contraindications?

  • Areas with recent work by botox or fillers & threads are not recommended
  • People with Dental/ Metal implants & pacemakers.
  • Pregnancy


Laser Tattoo removal

is a procedure done to try to remove an unwanted tattoo. Tattoo ink is placed beneath the top layer of the skin. That makes tattoo removal more complicated — and expensive — than the original tattoo application.

Q-switched lasers — which release energy in a single, powerful pulse — are often the treatment of choice for tattoo removal. 

Before laser treatment, the skin is numbed with an injection of a local anaesthetic. Then a powerful pulse of energy is applied to the tattoo to heat and shatter the tattoo ink. Multicolored tattoos might need treatment with various lasers and different wavelengths.

After the procedure, you might notice swelling and possibly blistering or bleeding. The antibacterial ointment can help promote healing. You’ll likely need repeated sessions to lighten the tattoo, and it might not be possible to completely erase the tattoo.

Tattoos are meant to be permanent, and complete tattoo removal is difficult. Some degree of scarring or skin color variation is likely to remain, regardless of the specific method of tattoo removal.

Side Effects 

Scarring is likely after most types of tattoo removal. Infection or skin discolouration is possible as well.

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Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to remove unwanted hair.

The Principle mechanism for diode laser is PHOTOTHERMOLYSIS, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin (hair follicles) that produce hairs. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth.

Most commonly treated locations include legs, armpits, full arms, upper lip, chin, and the bikini line. Apparently eat unwanted hair in nearly any area, except the eyelid or surrounding area.

Laser hair removal usually requires a series of sessions. The interval between treatments will vary depending on the location.

On areas where hair grows quickly, such as the upper lip, the treatment might be repeated in four to six weeks. 

On areas of slow hair growth, such as the back, the treatment might be every 6 to 8 weeks.

Side Effects:

Risks of side effects vary with skin type, hair color, treatment plan, and adherence to pre-treatment and post-treatment care. The most common side effects of laser hair removal include:

  • Skin redness and swelling are possible after laser hair removal.
  • Temporary darkening/ lightening of the treated area.


Post Care:

  • Avoiding sun exposure, immediately after the session
  •  use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily
  • Avoid Bleaching and application of skin lightening creams on the treated area.
  • Avoiding other hair removal methods. Plucking, waxing, and electrolysis can disturb the hair follicle and should be avoided at least four weeks before treatment.


Hairs do not fall out immediately, but you will shed them over a period of days to weeks. This may look like continued hair growth. The repeated treatments are usually necessary because hair growth and a loss naturally occur in a cycle, and laser treatment works best with hair follicles in the new-growth stage.

Results vary significantly and are difficult to predict. Most people experience hair removal that lasts several months, and it might last for years, but laser hair removal doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal. When hair regrows, it’s usually finer and lighter in color.

You might need maintenance laser treatments for long-term hair reduction.

Laser toning is an advanced laser aesthetic procedure performed with a Q-switch laser. It is also called as an NdYag laser with a wavelength of 1064nm. The laser beam enters the deep layers of skin. At this depth are the collagen and elastin tissues which are responsible for the firm and taught texture of the skin. Laser helps to re modify and rebuild these tissue structures. This promotes skin regeneration without harming the outer layer of skin. 

Benefits of Laser Toning

  • Reduction of pigmentation,  blemishes
  • Reduction of wrinkles , fine lines
  • Skin tightening 

Laser toning is absolutely safe, with no or minimal downtime. 

Carbon peel also called Carbon Laser Facial is a revolutionary skin treatment and is very effective for oily skin, dull skin, large pores, and acne. This treatment is completely painless, with zero to minimal downtime. Areas that can be treated are the face and the body. 

The procedure involves the application of activated carbon masks of the area to be treated. This mask attracts all the impurities from the skin, which is followed by laser light passes given over the carbon particles. there is the destruction of the carbon particles and along with it the dead cells of skin and contaminants.  

Carbon laser peel is an excellent procedure to exfoliate the skin. it removes the excess oil, debris thus giving a smoother healthy and refreshed look that one needs. 

The benefits of carbon peel are :

  • Cleansing: The carbon mask applied, absorbs the contaminants of the skin oil, dirt, debris, etc and laser zaps away these along with the laser.
  • Exfoliation: the laser beam aid gentle exfoliation of the skin, while removing the carbon. Resulting in soft and smooth.
  • Rejuvenation: The laser helps to boost collagen production, giving skin a firmer, tighter look.
  • Oil reduction in Acne-prone skin: Carbon Laser benefits oily acne prone skin in two ways. One it reduces the oil and the blocked glands on the skin surface. Secondly, it reduces the size of the oil-producing gland- Sebaceous Gland. So overall reduction in the oil production and blockage of the pores. Thus we can expect shrinkage of the large open pores. 

Post-treatment care involves the application of a broad-spectrum sunscreen. 

Carbon Peel is very effective when done biweekly initially for 5-6 sessions. once a month session is recommended to maintain the results and can also be done routinely as an exfoliation treatment.

This technology is been used widely all over world for treating hair loss in men and women. Low Level Laser Therapy is also called as red light or cold light. 

The most common cause for hair loss is Androgenetic Alopecia. This is characterised by gradual transition of terminal hair to vellus hair resulting in hair thinning. The usual presentation in men is anterior hairline recession and hair thinning at vertex (MPHL), whereas in women it manifests as diffusing thinning of the hair over the mid scalp with preservation of frontal hairline (FPHL). 

LLLT utilises the low level intensity light at red or infra red wavelengths, to alter biologically active cells. This is called as Photobiostimulation or Photobiomodulation. Thus this technology modulates the hair cycle by stimulating the anagen re-entry of the telogen hair follicles and prolongs the duration of anagen phase (growth phase).

LLLT is designed in the form of a Hair cap.The cap has inbuilt laser diodes (LED). Patient has to visit clinic 3 times a week (depends upon grade of hair loss).The cap is placed on the scalp for 30 minutes. Patient does not feel any heat or warmth. It is very safe and treatment protocol is for 3-4 months.

Medi Facial Treatment

7 IN 1 Hydra Facial

7 IN 1 Hydra Facial consists of Water Dermabrasion, 7 Colors LED Mask, Ultrasonic RF, BIO Face Lifting Cold Hammer, Oxygen Spray For Facial Deep Cleansing Working theory

1. Hydro Microdermabrasion

The treatment is the newest advance in non-laser skin resurfacing. it is the only hydra dermabrasion equipment combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive, and non-irritating.

2. BIO Handle

BIO sine wave work handle has a calming, soothing and firming effect, shrink pores, soothing pain and reduce the swelling excrete by the process of metabolism, and the vessel and nerve will not be damaged.

3. RF handle

The deep heating of RF affects the electronics of tissue with the biological response of polarization electronic mobility by way of human tissues, resulting the electronics are formed as the molecules twist and crush against each other so that bioenergy is produced, thereby bringing skin to warm in deep to stimulate the collagen to produce contraction immediately, to stimulate the secretion of new collagen to fill the gap of losing collagen atrophy, and rearrange to rebuild skin soft frame, and ultimately firm up skin, remove wrinkle, restores the skin`s elasticity and luster.

4. Ultrasonic handle

According to the treated purpose of the customer, with relevant extracts and nutrients, use the probe to inject them into the skin deep-seated, let them fully absorption, so get the best beauty effect

5. Cold Hammer

Cold hammer energy acting on the skin, the skin pores, the nutrients and water blocked in the pores to prevent moisture loss, and achieves allergy sedative effect.

6. Oxygen spray gun

Oxygen spray is a delivery application for liquid-based skincare products that have been developed to intensively hydrate and replenish skin moisture levels. An air-powered spray gun is used to provide an even application of active ingredients as a fine mist across the treatment areas, which offers the perfect microdermabrasion finishing treatment as it gently refreshes and calms irritated, sensitive and sun-damaged skin.

7. LED Facial Mask with 7 Colors

LED light therapy has shown to be effective for the treatment of several aspects of skin aging. Multiple studies have demonstrated improvement of fine wrinkle, mottled hyperpigmentation, roughness, and shallowness. These results are supported by both collagen production and increase proliferation


1) Ultrasound head: promote microcirculation, skin rejuvenating

2) Multipolar RF: compact shaping, face lifting

3) Bio microcurrent: let jawline tightened, Bio raises the overall tightening of facial skin

4) Hydrodermabrasion: facial cleansing, peeling, pore cleansing

5)Cold Hammer: Calm down the skin after RF treatment, shrinks pores, treat puffy eyes and soothing, and refreshing.

6) Oxygen spray gun: intensively hydrate and replenish skin


1. Acne, folliculitis, clear skin allergens

2. skin whitening, improve skin dull, yellowish, improve skin texture

3. Deep clean the skin, while giving the skin moisturizing, nourishing

4. Improve loose skin, tighten pores, increase skin transparency

5. The preoperative and postoperative care for ablative skin reconstruction and non-ablative skin reconstruction surgery

6. Shaping firming skin, shrink pores, improve a double chin


Hair services

Fractional CO2 Laser


MNRF stands for Microneedling Radio Frequency. This is a minimally invasive technique, which is simply safe and effective. This consists of a traditional Microneedling technique coupled with radiofrequency energy. Radio Frequency is color blind hence can be used for all skin types, without the fear of causing burns. The needles are placed at a pre-selected depth on the skin to be treated and RF delivered through these needles deep into the dermal layers. MNRF thus helps in the stimulation of the dermal collagen and elastin.


  • Helps is skin tightening, smoothing wrinkles, tightens saggy skin, 
  • Boosts collagen – Improves the skin texture & stretch marks
  • Reduces acne scars, minimizes large pores/ open pores

The total duration of one session is 1.5hours approximately. 

It involves

  • Cleansing the skin
  • Application of local anesthetic for 30-40 minutes
  • Cleansing of an anaesthetic cream 
  • MNRF is done by placing the probe on the area to be treated and RF microcurrent is passed
  • Post care creams are applied
  • The patient is asked to observe strict photoprotection

Common Side effects:

  • Redness/burning/swelling of the skin, which will disappear within an hour or so
  • Scab formation might be seen in few, do not pick the scabs
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