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Dr. Pallavi Sule is the best dermatologist in Powai, Mumbai providing advanced skin treatment, dermatosurgery, cosmetic skin solutions and much more. For appointment, fees and other details, contact us today!

If you are looking for someone who can help you medically as well as upgrade your skin cosmetically, consult Dr. Pallavi Sule, the most trusted and best Cosmetic Dermatologist in Mumbai. 

Skin disease is one of the most common forms of health problem, affecting millions of people worldwide. As it turns out, there are thousands of conditions that affect your skin. A wide range of skin disorders varies in their symptoms and severity. Some skin conditions are acute, painless, and minor, whereas others can be painful, permanent, and fatal. Moreover, various studies conducted over the years have shown that skin diseases can affect men, women and children, and people of all age groups. Are you one of those experiencing any kind of skin disease symptom in Mumbai? Meet the best dermatologist doctor in Mumbai Dr. Pallavi Sule today!

Why You Should Meet the Best Cosmetic Dermatologist in Mumbai?

Skin, without doubt, is one of the most important organs of the body as it leads the defence mechanism against foreign living organisms such as bacteria, viruses and protects the body from excess heat and moisture. Additionally, skin is known to regulate the body temperature according to the environment and plays a significant role in showcasing your overall health condition. Thus, if you are a resident of Mumbai, taking care of your skin by meeting the best cosmetic dermatologist in Mumbai is of paramount importance.

A dermatologist is a doctor with expertise on skin conditions which include skin and hair. They are capable of finding and recognizing any symptoms which can point to any serious underlying health condition. If you are facing any problems related to skin, a dermatologist can provide necessary medical, surgical and cosmetic treatment and care, substantially improving your health and general well-being.

Dr. Pallavi Sule

What You Need From a Doctor for the Best Results

Dr. Pallavi Sule is a dermatologist and cosmetologist based in Mumbai. She has done her post-graduate studies from L.T, M.M.C, Sion, Mumbai which is one of the best colleges in Mumbai.

How Skin Disease affects Quality of Life?

Although the majority of skin diseases are not fatal most of the time, it impacts the patient’s quality of life. The skin conditions and their symptoms are often visible, which can force patients into social isolation, affecting the individual’s ability to function or engage properly in society, causing emotional stress and even depression. Also, it is found that skin conditions affect the self-esteem of women more and children face severe trauma, leading to anxiety disorders. This is the reason why you should seek immediate help from the best dermatologist in Mumbai for skin and receive the best treatment without delay.

Common Skin Disorders

Some of the most common skin disorders affecting the population include:

Acne – Eczema – Lesions – Rashes – Psoriasis – Hair Loss

Dandruff – Sun Burn – Skin Aging – Skin Pigmentation – Skin Cancer

According to a survey conducted pan-India in 2020, acne and dandruff are the most common skin problem faced by people in India. You can meet the leading and trusted skin specialist Dr. Pallavi Sule. She is one of the best dermatologists in Mumbai for acne treatment with many years of experience in helping a countless number of patients.

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Dr. Pallavi Sule is one of the leading and trusted dermatologists and cosmetologists based out of Mumbai. A postgraduate from L T M Medical College, Sion, Mumbai, she has many years of medical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various health conditions related to skin, hair, and nails. With comprehensive practice and having solved different cases, she has treated a countless number of patients with conditions such as acne, eczema, hair loss, Acne scar treatment, laser skin treatment, and much more. Many patients have received cosmetic treatment successfully from Dr. Pallavi as well. Also, she continues to attend national and international workshops and upgrade herself with the latest technology and treatment trend to serve the community around her.

Choosing a dermatologist to treat something as personal and sensitive as the skin can seem to be a daunting task. People often wonder and ask questions whether the concerned is good, what are their skills and the cost. If you are a resident of Mumbai, it is now easy to get the best skin treatment.

As she continues her mission to help a growing number of patients in India with different dermatological problems, several features make us stand out:

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Nupur Goel
Nupur Goel
Very effective hair treatment.
Pallavi Mahajan
Pallavi Mahajan
Very happy with the treatment for my dad. He had severe burn / skin scaling due to an accident which cleared up in 2 weeks. Doc is extremely patient which is very important while dealing with senior citizens.
Sakshi Sharma
Sakshi Sharma
The doctor is very soft spoken as well as professional. The services that I took really improved my skin a lot. A must try clinic for any skin related issues.
Pallavi Patil
Pallavi Patil
Fantastic service and treatment 😇
Meera Janwalkar
Meera Janwalkar
I did my Mesotherapy from Dr pallavis clinic and there are definite visible results. Highly recommended.
Priya Farreria
Priya Farreria
I have been visiting Dr Pallavi Sule's Clinic for my skin concern and I have a very good results,Doctor is very polite and very cooperative with all the queries.
Rochelle Dcunha
Rochelle Dcunha
I have been taking Dr. Pallavi's services for a year now and have used various services such as tattoo removal, hair lazer, and facial. Within a year my hair growth has reduced by almost 90% which is unbelievable. I have friends who have required many more treatments and still have not witnessed much results. Dr. And her team are extremely careful during the treatment and the clients comfort is of utmost importance to them. Unlike other dermats, Dr. Pallavi does not suggest unwanted add ons or services. They have the latest machine for tattoo removal which has been pretty effective for me. During my wedding, i had pigmentation and dry skin and just in a few facial sessions, they gave me an amazing bridal glow. A very special mention to Krutika, who has been getting all my treatments done for me. She is very sweet and answers all the queries patiently. Would definitely recommend Dr. Pallavi Sule's clinic for any issues related to skin and hair.
Jyoti Ingle
Jyoti Ingle
Dr. Pallavi Sule demonstrates great understanding, patiently addressing our queries, and her staff is consistently polite.

Our Clients' Reviews

I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Pallavi Sule. She’s very patient and explains Procedures before prescribing. I tried PRP for scars and the result has been way better than my expectations. I definitely will recommend her for it.

Ms. Shivani Patel

I had a persistent and rather irritating condition from which I did not have reprieve despite consultations with multiple doctors. Dr. Pallavi was a great help. She was quick with diagnosis, confirmed it with the requisite tests, explained the condition, and put me on a treatment regimen. Now, that was a high level of competence and professionalism at play.
-thank you so much.

Mr.Soorraj V.S.

I have been having a major acne issue for the last year, huge and very painful puss filled eruptions on the base of my cheeks. I tried every home-made recipe to fight my issue but all in vain! I then connected with Dr. Pallavi Sule. Trust me ladies I have made a friend for life. She dealt with my issue with so much TLC and brought back my Confidence. She took time in explaining every medicine and its content to me. In this fast world you seldom come across a doctor who would spend that time with their patients. My acne is a lot better and I am sure it will go away soon. Thanks to a very approachable and committed doctor.

MS Rasna Dureja

I went to Dr. Pallavi as a part of my women’s day package. looks didn’t matter to me. She put me on Vit C tablets an I could see a change in my appearance/Dr. Pallavi understands a patient’s psyche and treats and accordingly. The result is…Obviously FAULOUS! She makes you absolutely comfortable in your SKIN!
I recommend Dr. Pallavi Sule for all your skin issues!

Ms. Akshata Pai

I had done my MICROBLANDING session with Dr. Pallavi. Very Satisfied with the results, with a completely natural look. I highly recommend for everyone…
-Thank you so much.

Ms. Nabinita

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