Eyebrow Microblading in Mumbai

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup where the tattoo pigment is deposited in the skin with the help of a handheld tool or a machine with multiple needles. This gives the eyebrows An illusion of a fuller, thicker brow and enhances the aesthetics of the face.

How Microblading is done?

Microblading is performed with the help of a pen fixed with multiple tiny blades. Small fine hair like incisions are made into the skin and the tattoo pigment is deposited in the dermal layer of the skin. this makes the strokes look like the natural hair.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia (cream is applied 30 minutes prior to the procedure) making it comfortable for the client.

What’s the pre and post-care for the Microblading treatment?

  • The area to be treated should be free of any skin conditions
  • Since the procedure involves blades to cut the skin, blood thinners are to be avoided 24 hrs prior to the procedures. At the same time limit the consumption of caffeine-based drinks.
  • We need to check with the client for any other cosmetic procedures performed 3-5 days prior to planning microblading. Especially chemical peels, botox etc.
  • The client is asked to limit exposure to sunlight for 3-5 days
  • Washing face with face washes will remove the pigment, thus it is limited to minimal use for 7 days post-procedure.
  • No makeup for 7 days
  • Do not use oily cleansers or cleansing oils/balms

What should you look for at the facility where u are getting it done as it needs a blade?

Microblading is a minimally invasive procedure but still involves the risk of infections!!

Hence choose a certified professional with extensive knowledge in skincare, using all sterile equipment, and performing procedures under all aseptic precautions.

Can everyone do it or should people with certain health conditions not do it?

Microblading is absolutely contraindicated for people who have a keloidal tendency, leucoderma, allergies to the tattoo ink/dyes

Relative contraindications:
  • Active skin infections or inflammatory skin disorders at the site of microblading (acne, eczema, psoriasis, herpes etc)
  • People on blood thinners, oral retinols need to be instructed to stop them prior to procedure
  • Any cosmetic procedures done just 3-5 days prior to the procedure like chemical peels/ botox near the site of microblading
 Any other thoughts on Microblading.

The pigment is deposited superficially as compared to the usual tattooing, where the tattoo artist places the ink below the dermis. Hence the ink fades off and a touch-up is required every 6-8 months.

Microblading is a rewarding procedure especially for people have very fine eyebrows or no eyebrows. Creating eyebrows adds to the facial aesthetics and hence boosts the confidence of the person.

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Everyone around are now talking about one of the biggest trend in lashes, this is the lash lifts and tints!!

Lash Lifting is a semi permanent treatment that gives the appearance of longer, thicker and darker lashes and makes the eyes look bigger. This is a very popular salon treatment as it provides instant curling of one’s own lashes and offers less maintenance than lash extensions.


The process of lash lifting is similar to the hair curling treatment. Speaking scientifically the lash (hair) has multiple disulphide bonds that joins one sulphur atom on one polypeptide chain linked to another sulphur atom on a different polypeptide chain. Lash lifting uses the principle of ‘reduction’ of these disulphide bonds with in the lash and permanently redirects the lash into a lifted style.


Lash lifting is a ONE SHOT procedure – meaning it takes only one session for obtaining the desired outcome. The client is counselled about the process. Consent is taken. Client is made comfortable on a salon chair. Eyes and the lashes are properly cleansed with a degreasing agent to remove all make up if any.  The lashes are moulded onto the silicon rod and separated one by one. Now the perm solution is applied onto the curled lashes in in-between the root and the mid lash. This is kept for 10-15 minutes depending upon the thickness of the lash and the amount of curls one desires. This then is wiped off and a setting solution (neutraliser) is applied, which helps the curls to be fixed in that shape now. A nourishing oil is applied to complete the procedure. This session takes about 30-45 minutes , so is quicker than the lash extensions. It also lasts longer than extensions, according to the natural lash cycle which is around 6-8 weeks. In case the procedure was done in the mid cycle of the lash , one will need to fix an appointment early for another round of lash lift.


Lash lift is also teamed up with the lash tint. Lash tinting is the use of a dye to colour the lashes giving then a darker and fuller look without the assistance of mascara. The dye is applied over the lash for 10 minutes and then cleansed.


Post treatment care, client is not supposed to wet the eyelashes for 24 hrs. So no washing or splashing water on the eyes, no steam, no hot shower, no sauna. Clients are also advised not to sleep in a position that would disrupt the curls of the lashes.

Lash lifts and lash tint is an extremely quick, painless and safe procedure for fuller and beautiful lashes. These should be done by trainers and qualified professionals in a hygienic setup.

Side effects/reactions

A simple patch test of the solutions used for the lash lift and the dye can be done to avoid any allergic reactions. In case there is any reaction then it should be notified and treated under the guidance by a physician.

When should lash lift not be performed (CONTRAINDICATIONS) 
  • Positive reaction to a patch test
  • Any swelling over the eyelids – meibomian /tarsal/ granuloma
  • Hordeola/stye
  • Blepharitis
  • Patient on chemotherapy/ immediately post chemotherapy
  • Weak eyelashes
  • Dry skin/ sensitive skin over lids
  • Active eye infections
  • Recent eye operations
  • History of alopecia
  • Trichotillomania
  • Bell’s palsy
  • Constant twitching of the eye

As new beauty trends emerge in the market in India, eyelash beautification is one amongst them. Eyelash extension by perming and tinting is soon capturing the market. Salons, small scale businesses and also cosmetic clinics like setups are investing efficiently in lash lift treatments. Clients looking for a loe maintenance and effective lash procedure opt for it. Also the cost of treatment is quiet reasonable for the clients. So as compared to the lash extensions this a faster and stress free service. This is also helping people to explore many work opportunities to work a therapist and will increases the ROI of the setup.

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